It’s show time

Speeding up.
3 weeks down, 2 to go. This is the part of the Open that is like the fourth round of a five round workout. You’re past the halfway mark but you’re not quite there yet.

Things have gotten real…
By now, you’ve all probably had at least one good workout… and all had a stumble.
The stress is wearing. The glitz and glamour has worn off, and it’s not quite as fun as it was in Week 1. The irregular training schedule is getting old. Re-doing workouts ?.
The pressure to continue to perform at your optimal twice a week is starting to take its toll.

Welcome to the grind!!!
Don’t take your foot of the peddle, everyone else may, but not us!
As things get tougher, we stick together. We have a gift, we thrive and drive, this is who
we are.
Regardless of how things have gone thus far, 20.4/5 is where we bring it home.
Stay strong and bring home the BACON TEAM!!!

***We all have a gift***

Bergeron –

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