Tracie Kinsel

  1. I have been CrossFiting for 3years now, when I was 50.
  2. My biggest change since my time at CrossFit Plus is my body shape, and my strength.
  3. My favourite movement would be the Clean and Jerk.
  4. What is your least favourite CrossFit Movement is Box jumps
  5. Yes I will admit it. I love Burpees and Squats, I also love to run and row.
  6. Before Starting CrossFit I was not able to do a single pull up, I now am able to do multiple under fatigue ]
  7. Post work out, I use what ever WPI I have o hand, I am not phased by brand nor flavour.
  8. Out side of the gym I most enjoy, kicking back by the river is eating my afternoon tea, cheese, dips (etc.)`.
  9. I love my coffee, I love it strong.
  10. Bacon everyday, with out a doubt.
  11. CrossFit Plus – The People, and the way it challenges me to drive myself to get fitter and stronger while learning different movements. I love that I can workout with my children; they are always encouraging me and pushing me along.


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