2016 – Plus – Chrissy PARTY

Get excited TEAM Christmas PARTY 2016 Themed Barefoot bowls

When: ¨-December 17th Where: ¨-Terrigal Bowlo Time: ¨-1500 Cost: ¨-$25 per head. Them: ¨-Pirates & Indians. *Nibblies provided, drinks served all afternoon at the bar. Then a 1730ish ˜Courto’ back to Pitt’s humble abode for more bevies, pizza and activities. #This year we have decided to do a LUCKY SECRET SANTA.¨As it’s going to be too hard to sort out who gets who, we have decided to ask everyone to please bring a gift along, to put under the tree (MAX spend $20).¨Randomly, each and everyone will receive a prezzy from Santa. *If you could please see staff to make payment at your earliest convenience. Just keep swimming

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