2016 CrossFit Plus Coastal CrossFit ‘CARNAGE’

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Saturday 3rd September  Registration opens Monday 27th June – 1700.

CrossFit The ultimate test of fitness. This year’s event, just like our previous events, will be a day to remember. Open to all athletes, of all fitness levels! All competitors will be tested in 3+ scored events from pure strength, to work capacity, and everything in between. There will be Opens and Masters (40+) categories this year, each housing 3 sub divisions; Studs (Advanced); Soldiers (Intermediate); & Players (Beginner). Run similar to this year’s Open, allowing you to change divisions through out. *Both categories and sub-divisions will cater for multiple fitness levels, with each requiring different levels of ability. Registration opens: Monday 27th June @ 1700 – via wodbuzz.com.

  Location: 2/12 Bon Mace Close Berkeley Vale Central Coast NSW 2261

*Be sure to follow the ‘CARNAGE’  event page on facebook, for all the details and more. 

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