2016 Reebok CrossFit OPEN – CrossFit Plus

Well the Open is DONE on yet another year! We, CrossFit Plus, have unofficially finished in at 33rd place. I couldn’t be more proud of the “PLUS” peeps. We had a big number of our ˜Plus’ family take part in the OPEN this year, so many of whom were competing for the first time and we saw some massive achievements across the board. From some athletes achieving their first ever TTB to Bar Muscle ups, events completed as Rx when there was so much hesitation to whether it was possible to complete the event at the scaled requirements. PR’s were achieved throughout, heavy singles to multiple reps with the Clean while under fatigue during a workout, at a weight that was heavier then their 1RM first ever Bar Muscle ups HSPU’s and the list go’s on. Everyone pushed them selves beyond the parameters they thought possible. The community atmosphere was an incredible experience! CrossFit Plus ” that is what it is truly about! Special mention to a few:

  • Uncle Pete. The show could not have went on if it was not for the stellar effort that Uncle Pete put in, being there from start to finish on each and every event, keeping the ball rolling. It cannot go with out mentioning, if it was not for some technical issues with his score in event #1 we would have seen Pete yet again qualify for the masters division (60 ” 64yr category).
  • TK (Tracie Kinsela): 50 ” 54 division placed 9th Australia & 80th in the world.
  • Tonina Melino: 60 – 64 division placed 9th Australia & 80th in the world.
  • Simon Bennett: 50 – 54 division placed 3rd Australia & 57th in the world.
  • Mardi Fry: 40 ” 44 division placed 31st Australia & 411th in the world.

*Qualifying them for the master qualifiers, starting this Friday 22nd

  • Ginny, first of what I’m sure to be many to come. First ˜Plus’ Athlete to complete the OPEN while pregnant, even accomplishing some as Rx.
  • G with is out standing performance during event #1.
  • Kathryn, crushing the Bar Muscle ups.
  • A, 16yr of age, our Athlete of the OPEN for his all round performance. BEAST
  • Taz and Kylie.H finishing higher then I’m sure they ever expected, yeah ladies J
  • Alex ˜Red’ Ranieri and Jodie Robards our highest place M/F Athletes, with Red only just missing out on throwing down at regionals this year.

Tremendously proud.  Cheers to a great 2016 Reebok CF OPEN – CrossFit Plus –

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