Aussie schedule: Five Weeks | Feb. 23 – March 27, 2016 17.1: Feb. 23 – 28 17.2: March 3 – 7 17.3: March 10 – 14 17.4 March 17 – 21 17.5 March 24 ” 28 Brief… The CrossFit Games began as a small gathering of friends on a dusty ranch in Aromas, California, eight years ago. Now, the Games are a sport with a three-stage season and more than 250,000 competitors from across the globe. It’s not too late to register for the open, log into your profile on the games site, or create a new one if you haven’t already. Registration is ONLY $20.When registering as an Athlete, be sure to select your affiliate “CrossFit Plus” and choose your team “CrossFit Plus” right from the drop down box. TO REGISTER CLICK here. CrossFit Plus We have re-registered our Affiliate “CrossFit Plus” again this year, allowing Corey (ONLY) to validate competitors’ scores for each of the workouts that have been completed in our BOX. To help with the team building spirit, we have decided to run an in house competition alongside the Open. The winner of each category in house will be rewarded. There will also be some other prize categories for other achievements, announced at a post social event ” for which you will have to wait and see! HAVE YOU REGISTERED Open starts Thursday 23rd (Aus Friday 24th) of February The week’s Open workout will be released on Friday around (1100 ” Aus) and will close the following Tuesday around (1100 ” Aus). Like last year, you (the athlete) will have four days to perform the workout and submit your scores. We will be completing Open Workouts in the following classes/time periods: Friday Due to success, as per last year you will have to opportunity to complete the workouts on Friday evenings. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! This will strictly be by Notification / Reservation, open to all CrossFit Plus members (those registered to compete and those not) to come in from Friday afternoon onwards and throwdown! If you are looking to complete the workout on Friday a reservation must be made. We will be running heats from 1500 ” 1830. You will be required to book in by texting Corey on 0439 339 422 between 1300-1500 with your name and a preferred time slot. We will then try to put you in a head in you chosen time slot.

  • -1500 ” 1600
  • -1600 ” 1700
  • -1700 ” 1800

*You will receive a confirmation text back. Numbers are limited in each time slot. Whether you have not been allocated a heat or you forgot to text, please still come in prepared to train, as we will do our best to get you in a heat. Be warmed up and good to go well before your heat so everything runs smooth and on time. We encourage as many qualified and unqualified Athletes to be in to help out and judge on the night. We do encourage everyone to come in; whether or not you will be working out to create an awesome atmosphere for your fellow Athletes who are. Let’s make the 2017 Reebok CrossFit OPEN at ˜PLUS’ yet again a community event to remember. Friday Night Lights, strictly by reservation ONLY, and subject to availability. *Reservation is required other wise you may not have a judge. HAVE YOU REGISTERED???   Saturday -0700 Class (The OPEN workout will be the WOD for the class, but the class will run as usual ” warm-up etc) no need to be registered to complete the open WOD although we highly recommended that you do. -0800 -1000, Base / L2 ” Reservation / Notification required. *Open competitors will NOT be prioritized over the 0700 class ” if you have not completed the OPEN workout during the class time, you will need to have an appointment previously booked to complete the Workout between 0800 ” 1000. Monday -0545 (The OPEN workout will be the WOD for the class) -0700 (If still running, the OPEN workout will be the WOD for the class) -0930 (The OPEN workout will be the WOD for the class) -1530 Strictly by reservation* ONLY, Heat time slots will be announced. -1730 Class (The OPEN workout will be the WOD for the class) -1830 Class (The OPEN workout will be the WOD for the class) *In the 0545, 0700, 0930, 1730, 1630 class the OPEN workout will be the WOD for the class, but the class will run as usual ” warm-up etc) no need to be registered to complete the OPEN WOD although we encourage everyone to do so. Please don’t let the Open WOD deter you away from attending any of the classes, even if you have completed that particular WOD and would rather not re-do, another workout can be arranged if you would like ” just ask! *If any ˜Plus’ Athletes would like to complete the OPEN workouts outside any of the scheduled times, they will need to ensure that this is pre-arranged with the COACH (due to the event requirements). Athletes WILL NOT be able to complete the OPEN workout unless it has been pre-approved. PLEASE NOTE: *By reservation only, strictly means BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. If you do not have an appointment booked, you WILL NOT have your scores validated. *Additionally, Corey will not be validating any scores unless ether Marty, Corey, Ben, Uncle Pete are present when you completed the workout. *There are no time slots for Sunday, unless valid reason AND previously approved by Corey or Marty (strictly >48hours notice). You MUST pre-arrange with Marty or Corey (ONLY) ANY alternative times to complete Open WODs. This is also subject to coach availability. *There will be no redo’s, apart from the 1-3 times we are allowing for each competitor, unless you have a valid reason AND an alternate time previously approved by a coach. *All scores must be submitted online by midnight on the Monday of each work out release date. To be viewed and validated by Corey. Judging At CrossFit Plus¨: CrossFit Plus is requiring Base competitors to be judged by another team member, with a qualified coach/judge supervising. Level Two Competitors will be required to be judged by a QUALIFIED COACH/JUDGE ONLY. If you are a qualified coach/judge, you CANNOT judge yourself. We encourage everyone to complete the online judging course to help out over the 5 weeks of the open. If you would like to complete, please just follow the link. If you do completed the course, please talk to Corey or any of the staff, as your help during the OPEN in other ways would be greatly appreciated! * Reservation is required other wise you may not have a judges. #CrossFit Plus OPEN validation; Free to all CrossFit Plus members -$35 per session for all external Athletes who wish to complete an Open workout at CrossFit Plus.¨*If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Corey via phone: 0439 339 422 or Email: [email protected] Revised Rulebook and Drug Testing Policy¨ Learn more about the CrossFit Games competition rules by reading the 2017 Rulebook and Drug Testing Policy.

All scores must be by submitted by 0800 Monday morning for validation OPEN REGISTRATION CLOSES ” 1100 TUESDAY 28th FEBRUARY

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