2018 July Athlete of the Month Damian Rutherford.

Hunky says it best…

I have been CrossFitting for about 2 years now. 

The biggest change I’ve noticed since starting at Plus would be an improved mental game. Being able to do what I should do when I don’t want to. Not just in the gym but at work, home etc. 

Wallballs, LOVE Wallballs, but I’ve been enjoying the sandbag lately too. Least favourite movement is a  max effort on the Bike. Or Burpees. But probably the bike. 

I prefer squats over Burpees and certainly picking row over the bike or run. Who actually likes the Assault Bike? #Vomit #HelpMum 

The one thing I can do now that I couldn’t before CrossFit was the snatch! I had never really tried a snatch before CrossFit. 

My Favourite cheat meal is any dessert. Usually chocolate. Can’t go past a scoop of milo or 10 either. 

When I’m not at the gym I love spending time with the pup, Yuki, usually at the beach or some kind of hike.

I most definitely could survive without Coffee, as I am Not a huge coffee fan

Oh, my… Without Bacon, I would have an Egg roll and not a Bacon and Egg roll. Wouldn’t be the same.

The thing I love most about Plus HFP is the vibe and community feel. Walking in saying G’day to everyone and Thank you Jack. Watching Marc suffer (when he shows up). Seeing people crush goals. Annoying Stalex (and Lovell). High Fives. Hadukens. The variety of workouts. The Disobedient Avocados. The experience and quality of coaching! And beating everyone 😉

My best party trick… hmm… Mum says I’m a really good singer, so probably karaoke.

Favourite place to travel is the pantry or fridge. I’m there like 15 times a day. Even when I’m not hungry I just like to check what’s going on.  Other than that, I like anywhere peaceful and tranquil. A beach or forest. 

3 Things I could not live without are Water, Food and Shelter. In no particular order. But likely that order. 

 Being hunky… naah In 5 years’ time I see myself at the CrossFit Games. As a Spectator. Drinking Beer. Eating Pizza. Cheering at people while they are working out really really FAST.

Moving forward my Goals are to improve flexibility and consistency on HSPU. I’d also like to nail my pistols.  

My favourite memory at Plus is the time I found a new jump rope. I think it is Lovell’s but he has never mentioned anything so I’ve just kept it. It has really helped me improve my Double Unders.

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