2018 November Athlete of the Month > Blake Lovell

Our Athletes say it best..

I have been training at plus for about 9 months.

Since starting at plus one of the biggest changes in myself I’ve found is actually outside the gym, my sleep pattern, I’ve found myself sleeping like a log every single night which is something I couldn’t do before.

My favorite movement of choice is on Saturday mornings when we go to supersupps post training session and get Mystique smoothies with a double shot of coffee. My least favorite is just about any class where I have to look at Damian Rutherford’s big melon.

I prefer burpees over squats because it’s easy to just get stuck into a rhythm and not stop. Rowing is also a personal favorite.

Something I can do now that I couldn’t do before I started training would be beat Alex Stitts to a pulp in 6 rounds in the octogon. Also muscle ups.

My favorite cheat meal isn’t anything in particular, as long as the serving size colossal.

One thing that you love to do outside of the gym is hang out with my dog

I like to switch it up between my coffees, I usually go through phases of either, double shot piccolo with honey, double shot long black with honey or double shot latte with honey. It all depends on the weather, and if I’m hungover af it’s not uncommon to go the triple shot.

Without bacon I would likely look into my options to farming teacup pigs and bring them into the gym as little masscots.

The thing I enjoy most about training at plus is the vibe and the people. It’s always such a good laugh and atmosphere coming into to train.

My best party trick is being able to put my thumb through the side of a can and neck it.

Favourite place to travel is Greece hands down, closely followed by pulse on a Friday or Saturday night.

3 things I couldn’t live without:
-Bicep curls
-My phone

Where do I see myself in 5 years? Getting yolked on Rich Froning’s farm. Being one step closer to being a living breathing Master Chief.

Moving forward, my ambitions are: SWOLE IS THE GOAL. SIZE IS THE PRIZE.

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