• I’ve been CrossFitting since January 2017, training out of Mingara Gym with the help of some really crazy fit people who had been CrossFitting for years, before I even realised it was a thing. This was also around the time I discovered the cracker of a film “Fittest on Earth, 2015” on Netflix and became hooked on the concept of training fitness as a sport. After that, the internet became my best friend as a way to teach myself basic weightlifting techniques and as a way to provide inspiration for workouts. After training at Mingara for a year, and feeling like I had plateaued in regards to my training, I decided to follow a few of the others from Mingara who had made the move over to Plus to see if I could find a way to keep progressing. I think I’ve found that.
  • The thing I love the most about CrossFit is that it has given me a new purpose when it comes to training. Growing up, I played basketball at a really competitive state and national level which meant a rigorous structure of training, early mornings and late nights, worse so in winter, weekend training camps sleeping on stadium floors, a strong emphasis on eating well and sacrificing a social life outside of the sport. Eventually, once I felt I was burnt out and no longer playing for the love of the sport, I quit. And now watching girls I grew up playing with and against go on and represent our country at World Championships and now even Olympic and Commonwealth Games really puts into perspective what I gave up. Not for one second do I regret not pursuing basketball as a career or at least giving the US College experience a try- but for a few years I definitely lost my passion for training, missed being part of a big community, and I really struggled with weight gain. Because let me tell you, you can’t keep eating for 2-a-day training sessions if you’re no longer doing that, and donuts and burgers do not make appropriate substitutes for veggies.
  • Since starting CrossFit, I’ve found a new love for training which is constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone time and time again. Unsurprisingly, I find it hard enough training at my current weight that I cannot even begin to imagine how I trained when I was 10kg heavier. It’s been great to return to a structured program of training, having seasonal goals, and training as part of a supportive community. This sense of community makes it far easier to push yourself to edge in the same way you would have done for a teammate on the basketball court.
  • I prefer anything with a barbell, but take the squat component out thank you. Give me power cleans, power snatches and OH movements and we can be mates. Chuck in thrusters or squat cleans and I’d rather walk out of the gym. I’m also not a fan of anything gymnastic, but I think that’s just because I’m rubbish at it.
  • Out of Burpees, Squats, Row or running? Hmmm… Absolutely not burpees- do you realise how long it takes to get up and down when you’re 6”2?- But I’m trying really hard to cut out the excuses (After that last one though) Funnily enough, I’ve always hated running, but I guess that was when I compared myself to speedy little point guards, but in the last 6 months I’ve grown to enjoy it. I think you’d have to if you signed up for the Bay2Bay 4 days before the event, an event covering a distance twice as long as you’ve ever run before. But I also enjoy getting on the rower or the bike- I think having long limbs for these movements makes a big difference (only time I’ll ever say it)
  • First thought when I think of what I can do now compared to when I started CrossFit  would be any kind of weightlifting movement, particularly a snatch or clean. But I also have to say getting upside down on a wall or swinging from the bar (not that I’m proficient with either movement yet). It is somewhat of a miracle given my U/8s Gymnastics coach probably thought there was no chance of that happening, especially when I could never even do a forward roll (probably still can’t actually).
  • My favourite cheat meal? Well Is it really a cheat meal if you still have it almost every day? I love chocolate and if left alone id easily destroy any entire block without apology. I’m also a big sucker for burgers, unashamedly from McDonalds: If you haven’t tried the Chicken Big Mac then do yourself a favour and sort that out right now.
  • My honest answer for what I love to do outside of the gym would be to sit around watching re-runs of How I Met Your Mother, Friends or The Office for the thousandth time, but I’ll lie and say spending time with my 4 month old puppies, Stanley and Franklin. Im absolutely obsessed with these guys and adore taking them for walks down to the park or the beach. Buying them toys, dressing them up in colourful costumes and watching them meet new dogs for the first time is my overall favourite thing to do. Oh, and I reckon hanging out with my Nan has to be on this list (If you haven’t already, you need to see my Instagram stories of my Nan- I won’t lie to you, they’re worth a watch)
  • I’ve never enjoyed coffee and used to drink it while I was at uni just to stay awake. Now I’ve cut coffee out completely whilst always being obsessed with Almond Chai Lattes. That is something I wouldn’t give up for anything.
  • Bacon? Eh, at this stage in my life I’ll take it or leave it. The fat girl in me from 4 years ago is rolling over in her grave, but Im happy not having it a part of my regular diet.
  • I enjoy training in a supportive community with people of similar like-mindedness. Its refreshing being reminded during training that you aren’t the strongest or the fastest or the most proficient in a particular movement in comparison to other people (within reason). For example, I sometimes feel like I’m “strong” and then I’ll lift barbells with Nicole and I’m brought crashing back down to earth- makes you want to work harder to bridge the gap.
  • I’ve also enjoyed the benefit of a structured program that has helped me to monitor my training volume- something I never used to do and my hips and knees have copped it significantly. Only now am I training largely pain free. Such a luxury.
    I also think it’s a great time being able to drop the weights, something you are NOT allowed to do at Mingara.
  • Not quite a party trick, but a major strength (or weakness, depending on how you look at it) is my Karaoke- My renditions of old school Taylor Swift, the Backstreet Boys and High School Musical are quite impressive to say the least.
  • I would go back to New Zealand in a heartbeat- Tell me one person who has visited Queenstown and didn’t plan their new life there instantly?
  • My new travel dream though is Greece and the Mediterranean- Seeing the new Mamma Mia movie changes you; makes you want to pack it all in and live your best life on a remote Greek island. I’m still working on that.

3 things you couldn’t live without?

  1. I truly do not know what I would do if I lived away from the coastline; I’m absolutely obsessed with the beach and the ocean. I find it so calming to stare out over something so much bigger than myself.
  2. I also know that I couldn’t live without my pups- being woken up at 5:30am on weekends and picking up dog poo are genuinely my favourite things to do.
  3. On the flip side, I would happily give up my phone and social media- those things seriously are a curse

I’ve absolutely no idea- I would love to say I’m living overseas, widely travelled and rolling in the dough, but I find it really hard to imagine me leaving the comfort of my parent’s home.

I’m currently working hard towards improving my weightlifting, particularly my snatch and squat. But if I could finally nail double unders or even finally get my chin above the bar without jumping or using a band, then you wouldn’t be able to wipe the smile off my face.

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