Our Athletes say it best…

  • I took the plunge and started doing CrossFit at Plus 3 and a half years ago and haven’t looked back since!
  • I’d have to say the biggest change I’ve noticed within myself since I started CrossFit would be a new found confidence and the amazing new friendships that I have made!\
  • When it comes to movements, I quite like a burpee or squatting or almost anything else…
    But when it comes to snatching… I HATE IT
  • I kinda like both Burpees and Squats. But out of Running, Row or bike? Never thought I would be saying this – would have to be rowing.
  • One thing I couldn’t do before I started at Plus was HSPU and pull ups.. Now they are some of my strongest movements 🙂
  • My favourite cheat meal would have to be Ice cream and Mexican! Oh and Cocktails (that’s a food group right?)
  • Outside of the gym and training I love family time and getting to hang with my boys.
  • I love my Coffee lately…
    It’s a new addiction and I’m not that picky as long as I get it!
  • The thing I enjoy the most about Plus HFP is getting to see my My girl gang every day
    Couldn’t do life without them xxx 
    and all the other wonderful people of course!
  • My best party trick… Haha, that would probably be not going at all!
  • I have been lucky to do a fair bit of traveling but my favourite places are always somewhere new that I have never seen before!
  • 3 things I couldn’t live without? That would definitely have to be my Family, Friends and most importantly ice cream. Girls gotta eat…
  • In 5 years I would like to see myself fitter, funner and having a good time!
  • Moving forward I have lots of goals in life.. But in regards to my training and CrossFit, I’d love to link my TTB properly and dubs in solid sets every time.
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