2019 April Athlete Of The Month_Jayden Rutherford

I have been CrossFitting for roughly a year and a half. I started in November 2017 when the Hunky Realtor introduced me to a class and I’ve loved it ever since.

Since starting at CrossFit Plus the biggest change I have noticed in myself would have to be my improved confidence and mental game. Digging deep in a workout and being able to finish without doubting myself or learning new movements that I once thought were impossible.

My favourite movement at the moment would have to be Clean and Jerk, however I do love the rower and a heavy barbell. My least favourite movement is hands down thrusters. I can’t think of anything worse than 19.5 – thrusters & Pullups

Burpees or squats? I’d say I would prefer squats over Burpees, however both movements are not my forte being 6’7 tall.
Run, row or bike? Rower, Bike, Run in that order.

One thing I can do now that I couldn’t do prior to starting CrossFit – although I’ve learnt many new movements through CrossFit such as Olympic lifts and HSPUs etc I’d say I’m most proud of recently getting Bar Muscle Ups.

My favourite cheat meal would 100% be anything sweet, chocolate / ice-cream / desserts

One thing I love to do outside the gym would be playing basketball, whether it’s playing in a local comp or shooting hoops with the boys it’s always a good time.

I would 100% survive without Coffee as I can’t stand the taste. However, if I do have a coffee it must be 73degrees and must be made into my own mug at Super Supps #pitts

What would I do without bacon? Probably just eat eggs with no bacon.

The things I enjoy most about Plus HFP is when people bring their dogs to the gym, hands down the best. A few others would be the great mates I have come across while being here, learning new movements / getting new lift PRs, Teasing Lovell daily, lifting heavier than Lovell, the awesome coaching staff and programming, Mandarin party, angry Russian motivation, Country music that annoys Alex, fortnite dances, just goofing around and having fun with training!

My best party trick would probably just be the fact that I’m so tall, everyone thinks it’s the greatest thing to come and make a funny joke about me being so tall… “How’s the weather up there?” “need to put a brick on your head” I’ve heard them all.

It’s hard to pick my favourite place to travel to. I’ve been to a few places and couldn’t really pick a winner however Yosemite National Park was a highlight for my travel experiences. Somewhere relaxing for sure.
Three things I couldn’t live without would have to be Food, water, and teasing Lovell. #betterthanlovell

In 5 years I see myself limping around or getting a full knee reconstruction due to previous sports injuries. #tallpeoplethings #lookafteryourknees

Moving forward my goals are to increase my Olympic lifts, get good at gymnastics, and be able to complete every CrossFit Movement, from there I can work on efficiency and get faster.

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