2019 February Athlete of the Month – Tessa Cooney

Our Athletes say it best…

I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 6 months! I started in March this year… it took me about three weeks to work up the courage to email Corey and ask to join! I used to be so nervous walking through the door at Plus and now it’s the favourite part of my day.

I’d say the biggest change I’ve noticed within myself is my attitude and confidence. My ‘CAN’T’s have become ‘CAN’s’ (in the words of Uncle Pete). The first few months I would watch the clock until the end of the WOD and choose the easy movements to make sure I would finish. Now I choose options that I know will take me longer but will challenge me more! (Yes, it takes me 3 and a half minutes to do 20 C2B!)

I Love a hang clean or a sandbag clean – and HSPUs because I’ve just worked out how to do them, WOOHOO!!

DO NOT LOVE burpees, burpees over box, burpees over bar, burpees to bar, warm-up burpees, or any other movement with the word burpee in it. Burpees are not on my Christmas wish list.

Burpees or Squats? Run, Row or bike?

SQUATS ALL DAY… BURPEES ALL NEVER! Unless it’s a long long wall squat. They can be hard! ROW FOR DAYS and have recently found appreciation for the Assault Bike, although would go for a run over getting on that noisy wind machine!

How do I choose just one thing to talk about when I look at things I can do now that i couldn’t before? I’d never ever lifted a barbell weight before starting CrossFit (unless the odd Les Mills Body Pump class counts??). Also, I know things. Things like what TTB, C2B, HSPU, WOD, OHS, DUBS, AMRAP and other various acronyms stand for (most of the time).

I would never cheat on my meals. I love them all equally and wholeheartedly.

Although if I was stuck on a desert island I would probably take pizza and Mexican with me.

One thing I do outside the gym is Hang with my two dogs Thor & Loki who keep me pretty busy! Spend time with my hubby Dean (which is a rare chance in between running a business!) And I’m always at the beach.  At least once or twice a week, all year round.

Surviving without coffee? Definitely not. Soy flat white. Don’t even joke about such things.

I think I’d be ok without bacon. I would be okay. I like it really crispy and I’m usually too impatient to cook it long enough to get as crispy as I’d like it. The only time I get it is when I go out for breakfast, and that’s only if I get bacon and eggs, so the odds of me having bacon withdrawals would be minimal.

The thing I enjoy most about Plus HFP is All the new friends I’ve made! Girl Gang Thursday’s! Char’s exotic dancing when it’s my turn to row. Officer Bonnie’s competitive streak that makes me work harder. The facials Jade and I make in every WOD. Lily looking like a supermodel before during and after every workout. The looks of confusion Kirsten and I give each other when we still have no idea what we are doing. Syncing all my movements to Ros’s (but not as gracefully). Brit refusing to sweat even ONE TIME. And giving my neighbour Blake advice on his music playlists, which he really enjoys. Not forgetting the other 50-100 awesome people that I get to train with every week!

My best party trick? Haha! Committing to CrossFit comps and then injuring myself so I’m unable to participate. I’ve pulled that trick 3 times this year! Jokes on me!

I love travelling Anywhere with warm weather and a beach!

ITALIA – Amalfi Coast! MEXICO – West Coast!  with a special mention to Vanuatu because it’s where we eloped last Christmas ?

3 things you couldn’t live without?
My two dogs and Dean… in no particular order. I just typed it out like that…

In 5 years and all the years in between, I’d just like to be happy and healthy. We are so lucky to live where we do and have the freedom to do what we like in Australia. That’s #lifegoals enough for me.

My goals moving forward…
I’m starting a #2020 trend (so far, it’s just me). I’d like to able to do every WOD RX (yeah, I know what those letters mean!) by 2020.

In the short term, I’d like to take the blue mats out from my HSPU’s, take every second DUB to every single DUB, and just get one proper pistol squat just one time!

Most importantly, thanks PLUS and every single person who works there and trains there. It’s been a fab 6 months!

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