2019 March Athlete Of The Month <>  Anne Proust

2019 March Athlete Of The Month << OPEN DOMINATION >>  Anne Proust

I have been training at Crossfit Plus for about 18 months.

The biggest change in me is my strength; even my grandsons have noticed and said it is because I go to Crossfit!

My favorite movement is deadlift & least favorite is snatch squat.

I guess burpees are better but it is a tough choice.

I much prefer to row than run or bike.

Because of CrossFit, I have noticed that I can lift the boxes back up to stack them after stepovers.

My favorite cheat is chocolate & beer, maybe not together.

Outside the gym I love to go riding my bike with my friends for a coffee.

Life without coffee? Hmmm, I order a skim Cap in a mug. Yes I can survive but it’s not easy.

I would be sad without bacon; I love it, especially if it’s not overcooked.

The best thing about Crossfit is that it is a small gym & everyone cares about each other.

My best party trick is my tap dancing, NOT!!!

I loved Italy when we went there in 2016.

3 things I couldn’t live without are chocolate, beer & flowers.

In 5 years I hope to still be training, travelling more and spending more time with Family & friends.

Moving forward I would love to master double unders before 2019 is out.


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