I have been CrossFitting for now for 3 years.
The biggest change within myself since I started CrossFit was how much happier I was when I did it. It is a good kick start to the day. Endorphin release and a great catch up with mates.

Movement of choice is definitely deadlift and TTB. Least fav moment is the rower. Not my best. But working on loving it 🤨

Love burpees and squats need to fatten up these legs somehow not much there hahaha run for sure any day.

Now that I’ve been training I felt my skill improve so much.. I never thought I could do HSPU and kipping pull-ups but look at me now!

Mmmm favourite cheat…
Still working on trying to get this whole macros thing to work for me. But love Krispy cream donuts.

I love mountain biking and surfing are somethings i like out side of the four walls of Plus.
Ocean heals so much!!!

Bulletproof coffees after gym at supps r us 👌🏽Mmmmm

Life without bacon I can deal with.. Now if u asked me about peanut butter I will fall apart. Pb keeps me together

The best thing about Plus HFP is the friends I have made since moving to central coast 2 years ago

Just me being me, best party trick by far.

When i travel, I love to go to Tonga. My Favourite place to travel for sure.

3 things I couldn’t live without…
. My kids.
. Peanut butter.
. The ocean.

At the moment, I’m just trying to survive work.
I will have a job in Central Coast, so travel will be less which is awesome

Moving forward I’m focused on my damn ring MU and bar MU. And handstand walk. Last year was a fight on many levels.
This year I have changed my mindset so doing what I love doing in the mornings while trying to balance life

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