2022 Nobull CrossFit Open at Human

“Be stronger than your strongest excuse .”

… with that, let us introduce The 2022 CrossFit Open, an in-house teams event at Human Fitness.

What is The Open www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxJzaVrGWZ0 

Beginning Friday, Feb 25th, and continuing over the following 3 weeks, before concluding with the Event Finals at Human on the morning of Sunday 27th March with a Poolside team event followed with a post-workout Breaky BBQ ($10per person). We are aware that some of you have previously paid for our event that was canceled last year due to covid. This will carry over to this event.

The competition will consist of three (3) teams with team Captains and Coaches Burgey, Ralphie Boi, and Redness. 

Each team will be mixed sex and made up of RX, Scaled, Masters & Teenagers that will compete individually and as a team.

Each Monday we will be adding the Open workout as part of the normal programming as well as hosting ‘Friday Nights Lights’ where you can come and compete in front of the crew for extra motivation and maybe a few post-workout BYO Bevvies. Remember reservation via ZP is mandatory!

FNL will start at 3.30 pm and depending on the workout we will have heats kicking off from 4.00 pm sharp after a briefing and warm-up.

The team score will be based on the average (or median) of all the Open scores submitted in SugarWOD. A HUGE 100 points for first, 80 for a second, and 60 for third. But that’s not all you can also earn points for your team for:

  • Winning your division (5 points) e.g Men’s 40 – 45
  • Hitting a new PR (5 points)
  • Doing the workout and submitted a score (1 point)
  • Being a judge (1 point for event judged)

We will also be giving out ‘Spirit of the Event” shoutouts and Coach’s picks each week (4 spots for 5 points each).

We recommend that everyone registers for the Open and benchmarks their fitness against the entire world, but more importantly creating a personal benchmark year on year.  It is only 20 Spanish Mackerel ($)!! 

However, to help your team out you only need to log your results every week in SugarWOD, verified by an in-house judge on the day (and signing the Open workout score sheets).

Finally, as with everything we do at Human, this is about fun, fitness, and being part of our community. Just showing up is the best thing you can do!

“If you can’t learn the basic skill of showing up, then you have little hope of mastering the finer details. Master the art of showing up.”

James Clear – Atomic Habits

*Registration has started @ open.crossfit.com


Wk #1 > Friday February 25th (1530  w/ last heat @1830)
Wk #2 > Friday March 4th (1530  w/ last heat @1830)
Wk #3 > Friday March 11th (1530  w/ last heat @1830)
Final Event > Sunday morning March 27th @ 0700
*Remember that outside FNL we will also be running the open workout throughout all the classes the following Monday.

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