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What A life 7.0 – Here’s to the next chapters

If you haven’t been following my journey over the past few weeks these are my final thoughts….. Reliving this was hard. Harder than I had ever imagined. Not just for me, but for my family

WHAT A LIFE 6.0 – Starting a New Life

My daily life has changed. Simple tasks like writing and talking to people have become more difficult. When I have too many things to do I can quickly feel overwhelmed, I do take longer to

WHAT A LIFE 5.0 – The Birth of CrossFit Plus

CrossFit Plus, a high-quality fitness facility, designed to train for any goal, any competition, for any lifestyle. We don’t just train for CrossFit and it isn’t just about how much weight you can lift. We

WHAT A LIFE 4.0 – Finding My Strength

Instead of taking this as a failure, I decided to return to the world of CrossFit and take that up as my main inspiration. After all, CrossFit is what brought me back to life, it

WHAT A LIFE 3.0 – Rehab And Movement Therapy

This was my happy place. Although at many times the rehab was long, frustrating and extremely painful, I knew that the end product, the end goal of being functional, would help me live a normal

What A Life 2.0 – The Accident

After the horrible accident, I was brought to the ICU where I would remain for about two weeks in a coma until my vital signs had stabilised. Then transferred to the brain injury unit, at


How many people do you know could make a living off watching surfers do their thing? Before my accident, that was my reality. I loved the water and felt extremely close to the ocean. In

Kick Your Crazy Life

There’s no denying it – every hour of every day, you’re pulled in what feels like a million directions. We scramble from task to task and it’s never enough! More and more, we push those moments of personal appreciation further into the background with the idea that we’ll take the time of ourselves “later”.

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