An Inspirational Story That Can Change Your Life

Like most people, you might find the idea of slogging your way to health and fitness through an exercise program really uninspiring. On top of that, the thought of setting foot inside a gym when you’re out of shape can be downright intimidating.

The trouble is, we all know that if we are going to enjoy a good quality of life for a long time, we will have to change our lifestyle and we will have to get some help to do it. Well, here’s a true story that would help anyone make the decision to get the fitness help they need and deserve and to change their lifestyle one positive step at a time.In 2012, Nick Magliococo was 24 and weighed in at 158 Kilograms. Nick didn’t get this way by accident. He tells of how he had lost his way after the sudden and tragic death of his mother from a massive heart attack in 2010. Nick was close to his mother who was only 49, and who had in recent years been trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.

This proved to be a life changing event for Nick in two parts. The first part was dark and life damaging. In his own words, Nick tells of how he falsely reasoned that his mother’s attempts at a healthier lifestyle later in life did her no good. So in his clearly grieving state, Nick made a choice to go unhealthy. He would eat whatever he felt like, and, what he felt like was fried junk food. At the same time he decided that he would exercise whenever he felt like it, but, of course, he never felt like it.

Then, in 2012 something happened to Nick that caused him to re-evaluate his lifestyle choices. One night in August Nick was awakened from his sleep with tingling sensations in his chest and down both arms. In his own words, “I knew this shouldn’t be happening, and I was scared, really scared!” [vc_custom_heading text=”Nick Goes Cold Turkey
” font_container=”tag:h4|text_align:left|color:%23a2b453″ use_theme_fonts=”yes”]Nick first heard about CrossFit from his friend Jacqueline Dolan, who herself owns a CrossFit gym (Golden Phoenix CrossFit). Jacqueline searched for CrossFit affiliates near Nick in Bloomfield, New Jersey, and after finding a good fit, she hounded him until he went.

Jacqueline tells of her CrossFit philosophy of aiming to make her gym “the best four walls that anyone will enter all day.” She goes on to tell of her goal to build caring community where like minded people can support one another and that this is what she believed she had found for Nick at CrossFit Press On gym and it’s what you will find here with us at Plus Health Fitness Performance. “That’s kind of what CrossFit is all about”, she adds, “people checking in on one another, the family aspect, the community aspect.”

In his own words, Nick felt “freaked out” at the prospect of entering a gym for the first time. He imagined it was a place filled with Arnold Schwarzeneger look-alikes and he was convinced that he would simply not fit in. Against these expectations, Nick was surprised at how welcoming and comfortable he felt at CrossFit Press On. In his own words, “They’re not just looking for another member, they’re looking for another part of their Tribe, ther Family that they’re cultivating.”Are you ready to take the first step? Book yourself in for a FREE Sweat free session to check out our facility, meet the team, and see whether or not we are the right fit for each other. All you need to do is CLICK HERE and complete the form. Then one of our friendly Coaching staff will call you right away to discuss your goals.
[/us_message]Nick’s journey has been a challenging one and in his own words, “when I wake up in the morning I feel like a fat tub of lard, you know, I feel like garbage today. Then I get into the gym and do the Workout of the Day, and they say, ‘You’re amazing, You’re a superhero’, and I would leave that place and that’s the way I would really feel, like, yeah, I am a superhero.”

The owners of CrossFit Press On venture to suggest that the greatest change to Nick’s life has come from his new found confidence: “Nick stopped apologising for the things he couldn’t do and started focusing on the things he could do.” Nick says that accepting your own limitations but, at the same time starting with what you can do is what drives his fitness goals. “Now when I leave the gym I think, ‘I just killed that Workout,’” says Nick.A simple philosophy which an ordinary guy has used to shed 100 lbs of unhealthy weight, has also netted him an untold wealth of psychological, emotional and social benefits. Nick adds, “I’m not afraid of who I am in the world anymore. I used to feel like the fat guy who couldn’t do anything. Since working out at CrossFit I don’t judge myself by what I can bring to the table anymore. I feel like I’m being moulded into this best version of myself, that I can be.”

Now, at 30 years of age, Nick Magliococo is healthy, happy and looking forward to more PRs.

So what about you? Are you ready to make a change in your life? If so, we’d love to talk to you. Are you ready to be better than yesterday? And start taking the step towards becoming the best possible version of yourself, that you can be? Book yourself in for a FREE NewU discover call with Coach Pitts to schedual your FREE trial session. All you need to do is CLICK HERE and complete the form to schedual your call at a time that suits you

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