And then this happened

Call it the “fat gap” if you want. I’m not sure if I came up with that or not, but it sums up the 30’s and 40’s pretty well.

The “fat gap” is the result of a few different things happening to you at once.

Your activity levels tend to drop as you get out of your 20’s. You are working more and have real responsibilities. It’s just life. So…play time tends to get cut down.

You metabolism slows…just enough. Your peak metabolism happens in your 20’s. Remember when you could eat just about anything and NOT gain weight? Yeah, not so much anymore…

Sadly, you start to lose muscle mass. In fact, after age 40, you can lose as much as ½ pound every year! The real downside here is that muscles are sugar burning machines! Less muscle means less sugar getting burned every day.

Combine these things with some not so great food choices and you have the “fat gap”.

Meaning, even if you weigh almost the same as you did 10 years ago…you have more body fat and less muscle now.

Not good.

There is only one way to fight this cruel bit of physiology.

Strength training.

This is exactly the reason we designed our workouts the way we do. To help keep your muscle mass on.

If nutrition is the key – strength training is the accelerator!

Lifting things up and putting them down is EXACTLY what we were designed by nature to do. We only run into problems when we STOP lifting stuff up. Our muscles get soft and our body goes a little haywire.

Without taking care of things, our body starts to break down.


Here’s tip number 2:

Focus on your resistance training and gaining muscle mass. That means, don’t use weight you know full well you can lift without any real effort. Challenge yourself. Always with perfect technique, but the weight should be challenging.

Your body will respond to the challenge but increasing the size of the muscles used and you end up winning the battle against the “fat gap”!

Be aware. Strength training is addictive. When you start to see muscle definition in your arms and legs. You’re gonna like it. 🙂 And so will the people around you.

Be ready for that question: “What have you been doing? You look great!”

Follow our workouts. Be consistent.

Committed to your health.

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