Uncle Pete Bowler

  • How long have you been CrossFiting for? I started Crossfit in 2010 on a casual basis just doing Saturday sessions until my Fitness First contract ran out.
  • What is the biggest change within yourself that you have noticed since starting CrossFit? When I started it was the fact that I was able to stop smoking and lose 20 kgs. Since then I think my training has helped me work through challenges a bit better. Most people wouldn’t pick me as someone who suffers from Anxiety/Depression but there you go. These days most challenges that come along in my personal life are not going to be anywhere near as tough as the last or the next wod so I figure “just get on with it, get it sorted”.
  • What is your CrossFit movement of choice? For whatever reason I’ve never been someone who has ˜particular’ favourites so thinking about this question there are a few that come to mind. Interestingly to me not because I find them easy or I can do them particularly well.
  • What is your least favourite CrossFit Movement? Here again no particular least favourite other than I hate it when fatigue from doing one movement makes it hard/harder/impossible to do another one.
  • Burpees or Squats? Prefer: Squats
  • Run or Row? Prefer: Row definitely although I believe I need to get more running kms on legs for sure
  • One thing that you can now do that you couldn’t before you started CrossFit? When I was a lot younger I played a lot of sports and competed in a lot of different sport ” When I started Crossfit I couldn’t run 800 metres without stopping ” that was something that really stood out when I started; I couldn’t do it unbroken or without gasping for my life.
  • If you have one, what is your chosen post workout protein shake (brand/flavour)? I have been using Professional Whey protein for years now. It’s unflavoured although I have been adding Dextrose according to my body weight; it’s not so much sweet but there is a slight change to flavouring
  • What is your favourite cheat meal? A large bowl of vanilla ice cream with malted milk powder and milo. I let it soften and then mosh it all together.
  • One thing that you love to do out side of the gym? Setting up my workshop in the garage ” looking for the best possible way to make the most of the space and have my tools organised and easy to get to.
  • How do you take your coffee? I’ve gone back to black
  • Bacon? Keep it coming
  • The thing you enjoy the most about CrossFit Plus? I really enjoy the community at CF+. Personally it was a bit of a wrench when I moved to the coast with my wife Kerry about 16 months ago because my training is important to me and I had been with my old gym for 4-5 years. I’ve been made very welcome at CrossFit Plus and enjoy the fact we train hard and have lots of laughs.
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