April 2018 Athlete of the Month – Brendan Turner

Our athletes say it best…

. I’ve been a member of the Plus HFP Tribe for 18 months now….I believe.
Wow how time does fly when you are having fun ?
. Since starting at Plus HFP on my CrossFit journey the biggest change I have noticed within myself would have to be the feeling of strength within myself. I enjoy coming into the box every day ??
. I love Cleans…they are fun. My favorite movement.
. Thrusters…
Can suck it,
Will  Squats and day of the week  over burpees
. Much Prefer to Row, but I don’t mind a  run
I never imagined it but before starting at Plus I could not do a single Pullup and now I can string multiple together ?.
. Not being able to perform a single pull up was the reason I didn’t start CrossFit at Plus for years.
. MuscleSport lean whey best post workout prowie shake. The banana cream pie flavour, a Banana paddle pop in a drink!
. Love earning my Burgers and Beers.
. The thing I love outside the four walls of the gym is an ocean, period ‼️
. Coffee, coffee, coffee!
Flat and white, please ?
. Bacon, please! Give me all of the pig.
. The thing I enjoy the most about Plus is the people.
. Moving forward my goals are to keep training, feel good and beat the Mith in a workout ??.

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