April 2021 Favourite Human – Jodie Foley

I have been CrossFitting now for over 2 1/2 yrs ( but with a 6 month break last year with work )


The biggest change within myself I have noticed since starting CrossFit would be both physical and mental. Physically; it is my upper body strength, if I find myself ever needing to hang on the edge of a cliff I should be good (for a little while).
Mentally; it would be getting through the WOD without wanting to leave 

Out of all the movements I don’t have a favourite, I love the variety of the crossfit WODS. 

Least favourite movement is anything that has me upside down … wall climbs, handstand holds, handstand pushups (not that I’ve progressed to that, I’m sit doing that on the box)

Burpees or Squats? Run, Row or bike?
Squats … give me “Rise Sally up” any day over Happy Birthday Burpees…. who thought of that???
Run …. with a good play list

One thing I can do now that I couldn’t before starting CrossFit is “Lift”.  I’ve never performed any of the weight lifting before joining Human

My favourite cheat meal is Antipasto … cheese, salami, olives, roasted capsicum, bread… with a glass of Shiraz

One thing I love to do outside of the gym is Crafting… Macrame and soap making are my latest things

I love a Cappuccino, full cream – no sugar … I drink coffee for other people’s protection, so I can live without it, not certain others would survive?

Bacon – well I can take it or leave it … I prefer it in cooking rather than as a side.

The thing I enjoy the most about Human Fitness is the people… Coaches are always looking out for you, modifying wods so to accommodate injuries and ability, and the effort everyone makes to know your name, say hello and encourage you.

Don’t know that I have a party trick, I can stay out after midnight and not turn into a pumpkin… Does that count at 52?

My favourite place to travel… Maybe Vietnam. I was booked to go to when COVID hit…. so would really like to get there 

3 things I couldn’t live without is socialising and catching up with family and friends, Live music events and self-care pampering

In 5 years I see myself closer to retirement, travelling a little more, and still doing crossfit 

Moving forward my goals to climb that rope and not fall from the bar.


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