April 2022 Favourite Human – Emily Grellman

I have been CrossFitting now for around 1 year

The biggest change within myself that I have noticed since starting CrossFit is I generally feel stronger and more confident knowing my physical limits are much higher than I realised.

My CrossFit movement of choice is I love anything overhead… unless it’s snatching… I hate snatching. That’s my least favourite.

Out of Burpees or Squats? Run, Row or bike? Squats, and rowing. 

One thing that I can now do that I couldn’t before starting CrossFit is a Muscle Up! 🙃

My favourite cheat meal is Custard. Just warm fresh custard…

One thing I love to do outside of the gym other than Waterpolo, is I love a lookout. The fresh air, and the wide-open space you can see.

I don’t drink coffee… Could live without it.

What would I do without bacon? I’d cry a little some days…

The thing I enjoy the most about Human Fitness is the camaraderie

My best party trick is doing the worm forward and backwards 

My favourite place to travel is anywhere  with fresh air and minimal cell reception

3 things I couldn’t live without would be Food, fresh air, and exercise. All things that keep me sane.

In 5 years I see myself loving a dog that loves going on adventures. 

Moving forward, my goals are to enjoy learning so I can push myself to minimise my weaknesses across the broad scope of CF

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