April 23, 2019 – Gymnastics


Warm Up

Cat to Cow x 10
Elbow Scap Push up x 10
Scap Push Up x 10
Inverted Scap Pull up x 10
Scap Pull Up x 10
Skin the cat x 3
Bridge 1 min
HS Warm Up

A. L-Sit on Parallettes 2 x 10 Seconds

Within 3 minutes:
L-Sit on Parallettes
– 2 sets of for 10 seconds
Rest 10 seconds between sets

10s ON/10s OFF for 3 mins

B. Legless Rope Climb 10 Reps

10 Legless Rope Climbs

Complete these 10 whenever you like

C. 5 Rounds For Time of Pull-Up Holds

5 Rounds for Time:
Pull-Up Hold for 30 seconds

D. Handstand Tuck position

Handstand Tuck position
30 secsScoring: Not Scored

E. Bar Pull Over Max Reps

Max Bar Pull Overs

1 x pulllover + Max Dips on top of the bar

F. Dragon Flag 2 Reps

2 Dragon Flags

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