April 30, 2019 – Gymnastics

Warm Up

2 rounds
Banded Pull Aparts x 10
Bridge Ups x 10
Half Hindus x 5
Skin the cat x 2
Snow Angels x 10

A. Armadillo Drills

Armadillo Drills
In pairs
3 x 30secs
Scoring: Not Scored

B. 4 Sets

4 Sets
5 x headstand to frog stand
1 x grip complex
10 x rower walk outs
1 x strict ring muscle up > 3 Strict C2B
Scoring: Not Scored

C. 50 Banded Abmat sit ups

50 Banded Abmat sit ups
NFTScoring: Not Scored


Free Time
If there's spare time at the end, work on any skill you like
or play around with lache, pullover, handstands
Scoring: Not Scored

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