Athlete of the Month – Baydoss Fry.

Our Athletes say it best…

I have been CrossFitting at PLUS HFP for about 7 months now 🙂

The biggest change within myself that I ’ve noticed since starting CrossFit is I feel stronger and more efficient with my mobility.
I’d say Burpees, Thrusters, wall balls, clusters, and sandbag carries are my least favourite CrossFit movement. I love Clean & Jerks, Deadlift & Pendlay Rows.. definitely my favourite.

Burpees or Squats? Run, Row or bike?…. Hmmmm bike for sure

One thing I can do now that I couldn’t do before CrossFit is Olympic lifting.. I’ve also learned to skip!

My favourite cheat meal? Definitely Pad thai!

One thing that I love to do outside of the gym is play my Xbox and spending time with the family.

I don’t drink Coffee so I’d say I could probably survive!

I’m one of those people that don’t eat bacon

The thing I enjoy the most about Plus HFP is the morning crew…
They make every day so much fun! I also love working on my Clean & Jerk movements and having some epic Coaches.

favourite place to travel would have to be Phuket

3 things I couldn’t live without would be my Dogs, my family and my Xbox.

In 5 years I have no idea where I see myself but hopefully, I’ll have my P’s

Moving forward my goals are to get stronger and fitter!

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