August 1, 2019 – Weightlifting

Work/Rest – change station at 45seconds
1. 5x Barbell Shrugs, moderately heavy
2. 5x Plate Sit ups15/10kg
3. 5x K/bell Russian Swings, 24/16kg
4. 5x push ups
5. 5x strict pull ups, focus to engage your back/lats
6. 5x box jump, step down + two 20kg plates

5:00 warm up with lifting positions

A. Alternating Sets: Snatch Balance, Snatch Pull

4 sets, for quality, of:
A1. 5 Snatch Balances @ 50%*Snatch Balance at light weight to focus on speed under the bar
*goal is minimal upward movement of the bar
A2. 5 Snatch Pulls @ 135%*working with a partner where possible
*% is an indication of heavy – go with what you have today
*Snatch Pull – pause at knees "pause – 2 – 3" then accelerate
*extend as much as possible

B. Muscle Snatch Complex

Muscle Snatch Complex
7sets of following reps

3x High Hang Muscle Snatch
2x Hang Muscle Snatch
1x Muscle Snatch from floorScoring: Not Scored

*50% of Snatch 1RM

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