August 15, 2019 – Gymnastics

Warm Up/ Mobility movement prep

Complete 2rounds of:
-10 KB Jefferson Curl
Half saddle – 30seconds ea way


Handstand push-up Development
3sets of:
.1) -6 Walk to Pike position on box
.2): Hollow Body Hold – 30seconds
*Rest as needed btw movement/ rounds
Scoring: Not Scored


Wall Facing Handstand Hold
– 3 sets of for Max Duration
Rest as needed

*Toes and Nose only touching wall


6rounds NFT of:
-2 Box walkarounds
-10 Hollow Rock
Scoring: Not Scored

*Walk half way around box and back, then the other way and back = 1rep


8x intervals of 20s work, 10s rest, with no break between movements.
Hollow Body Rock
Score is the total reps performed across intervals.

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