August 17, 2019 – Weightlifting

Warm Up

10:00 minute clock – NFT…
5x ea way KB 'round the world' 16/12kg
5x ea way single arm KB Swing
10x banded hammer curl
5x wide push ups
5x ea way Russian Twist with KB
5x push ups
5x each way 1/2 Turkish Get Up
5x diamond push ups
5x ea way glute bridge, single leg, with kb hold
Keep moving, focus as the movement

A. EMOMx15minutes

First 5minutes – 5reps each minute
Second 5minutes – 3reps each minute
Third 5minutes – 1rep each minute
Scoring: Not Scored
Time Cap: 15 minutes

B. Split Jerk Position

Split Jerk Position
Refinement of the Split Jerk position
Checking in with lifters initially to confirm they are on their ‘best’ front foot
Working from the sprinter position as if the athletes are setting up into the block position prior to a sprint race.

Start with no weight: all about feet (front with toes slightly pointing in – rear on toes/heel raised), shins (near to vertical), heels (front planted – rear off the ground), knees (front knee braced – rear firm & flexible), back and lower back neutral/vertical (torso), body position generally. All the while ensuring the stance has sufficient width for balance.Scoring: Not Scored

C. Split Jerk Recovery

Split Jerk Recovery
Refinement of the Split Jerk recovery
With minimal weight, empty bar, starting from the catch position to standing
Moving back from the front foot before moving rear foot.

Moving from the front foot, pushing through the heel.
Ensure the upper body and the weight move backwards remaining within the stance so as not to overbalance (usually forward).Scoring: Not Scored

D. Jerk Balance (overhead)

Jerk Balance (overhead)
Very light weight
Start with a stick then move to unloaded bar
Position starts with the bar resting on the head and the lifter up on toes
Next is typical “balance” move – as fast as possible to drop into the catch/landing position.
Scoring: Not Scored

E. Jerk Balance (front rack)

Jerk Balance (front rack)
add weight through this part
Moving along into front rack position with ½ Jerk position; front foot position not quite forward into a full position and weight held in front rack
Next is to dip and move as quickly as possible into full Jerk catch/landing position
Scoring: Not Scored

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