August 2018 Athlete Of The Month Miriam Arana.

I’ve been part of Plus HFP for about a year and a  half now after I moved over to live with luz, my daughter in Australia.

I can’t begin to express how CrossFit has changed my life. I feel like myself again. After a car accident a few years ago I had to get my ankle fused. I was always sore.. even walking was hard! I used to take painkillers every day. All that is now gone and I can now even run!
Plus Health Fitness Performance, My Life, My Family, My Tribe, Our Culture!!!

I’d say my favourite movement is deadlifts and least favourite is rowing but only because my ankle won’t let me row and I get frustrated.

I’ll do anything I get told to do! But I much prefer squats and bike.

I can’t express how much CrossFit has changed my life! Everything I do now I couldn’t do before CrossFit. Over 10 years of constant pain now I can run, jump and lift!!

Anything chocolate…
my favourite cheat meal.

Didn’t do it for such a long time, but I really enjoy walking now, I walk everywhere.

Coffee…Mmmm I like a good latte.

probably the only one, but I don’t really like bacon.

What I like the most about Plus is the atmosphere and that every day is different. The coaches are always looking out for you to make sure that you are doing the movements correctly.

Party trick, I don’t have any. However, I do love a good dancer.

Out side the gym I love camping and traveling to where there are beaches and cocktails.

3 things I need are my training, my clean food and the most important to have my grandkids around. They keep me young.

In 5 years I want to still be training having fun and enjoying life.

Moving forward…
still want to be training, have fun and enjoying life > 5years, and beyond.
I would like to continue getting stronger and move better and to hopefully do a CrossFit competition soon.

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