August 2019 Favourite Human – Mick McPherson

Hmmm how long have I been Crossfitting for.. tough one, I mean do I really CrossFit? Does anyone? I started focusing on my health in 2012 at Crossfit Sydney after my brother (who founded CrossFit Resolve in Brisbane in 2009) and sister signed me up for a trial after being crazy cult-like followers extolling the virtues of this ‘new’ thing. Kids and life got in the way so I don’t think I really was serious about it (like bought a rope i.e. all the gear no idea) until 2015 when Sheridan and I joined a box in the UK as a way of meeting people and staying healthy in the dreary English weather. Now at Human, I feel like I’m starting again with a fresh focus on getting the fundamentals right and a much more holistic approach (nutrition, recovery etc).

For me the biggest change I’ve noticed within myself is definately my mental game. Although I feel like I dodged the dad bod bullet by remaining active, being at Plus gives me time away from life to focus on myself and ignore any external pressures. It’s a relief valve and almost meditative in some regards, well when you’re focused on your breathing – trying to breathe, gulping air so hard your ears pop, and trying to count, there isn’t much room for any other noise. It’s given me resilience, confidence and a reason to get up at 4.50 am every day with a great crew of people. I mean, who needs friends when you’ve got the Human Peeps.

Favourite movement is anything that isn’t Dumbbell Thrusters specifically at 22.5 kg or heavier…just writing that makes me anxious. Seriously, the variation is what I like and I hate them all equally except Dumbbell Thrusters which I really, really hate. Like hate speech hate, Maj / Stella / Mardi swear words hate.

Hmmm out of lots of CrossFit movements I definately prefer Burpees or rowing (just) over the bike – or doing burpees over the rower (rowing, the one advantage to being tall but and you can’t burpee over bike so the rower wins). My squat is non-existent and giraffes can’t run. 

One big achievement for me is being able to do Muscle ups since i started CrossFit.. not consistently, but can and will do it for beer.

Without a doubt my ultimate cheat meal is the biggest, filthiest works burger and chips from any local greasy spoon / chipper – that’s the key, it can’t be gourmet, has to be a greasy spoon and you need banknote change from $20! Add a tonne of chicken salt on the chips so they are glowing yellow.

Outside of the gym I love to enjoy myself and Booze on with the buddies…probably a little too much if I’m honest with myself and anything that triggers The Mammalian Dive Response.

Im do enjoy being caffinated. Always take my coffee with an extra shot. Don’t tell me how many shots are already in it (it’s not a prescription), I don’t friggin care, just chuck another one on top and definitely don’t give me your judging ‘extra shot’ eye roll. My uppers and downers routine is finely tuned and coffee is a mandatory antidote for my wine consumption. 

My perfect way to live without bacon.. Prosciutto of course.

I feel very stoked to be part of such an epic community. My favourite part is being surrounded by people trying to be a bit better every day. It’s inspirational to watch ordinary people from all walks of life put in the hard work to do the most ridiculous things. That hairy 120 kg dude doing gymnastics like an 8-year-old, still has the time to encourage someone else or that chick who is squatting 2.5 times their body weight, stops to cheer you on while you work an empty bar. The crew keep you accountable with their encouragement.  You don’t get that at your standard 24 hour globo gym.

Also all the little things – the socials, in house comps, post cards, this bloody thing etc etc etc that you don’t know about before you sign up.

I have a few party tricks up my sleeve however my best.. Putting too much effort in questionnaires, social media trolling. 

For me the best travelling is all about the journey innit.. not the destination, just happy to be moving in any direction.

My family make my life worth while.. Couldn’t live without Sheridan, Hamish & Hanna.. In no particular order. 

In 5 years time I dare say I’ll be paying for private school… being physically and mentally fit… doing what I love with the people I love… helping small businesses thrive and contribute to the communities they are an integral part of. 

My goals moving forward:
To have: 

  •   a rig like Corey Pitts and the Crossfit “Fashun” Sense, 
  •   be as pretty as Damien Rutherford, 
  •   as strong as Luke Maxwell, 
  •   as insanely tough as Haeata Bartlett, 
  •   the focus and mentality of Josh Dean, 
  •   the mutant powers of Joseph Fancett, 
  •   the mums club charm of Hubo Weaving (not his real name), 
  •   the spare 3 hours a day to work out and the kindness of Alex McAlpine, 
  •   and the beer smashing prowess and no F’s given of The Squatch (his real name).

 #MenAppreciatingMen it’s a thing, except if you go to the 9.30 husband bashing class… I could appreciate women, but that might be inappropriate. 

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