August 2020 Favourite Human – Mardi Fry

I have been CrossFitting for over 6 years now.

The biggest change within myself since starting CrossFit is that I have become a lot stronger overall and this enables me to carry out my work duties and keep up with the guys.

When it comes to favourite movements,  I do love a good toes to bar WOD, my least favourite would be chest to bar, I have never liked them.

Burpees or squats, Run, row or Bike?   Squats for sure, and running.

One thing that I can now do that I couldn’t before you started CrossFit is Bar muscle-ups on a good day!

My favourite cheat meal is a good Vegan naked burrito…yum!

One thing that I love to do outside of the gym?  Hot Yoga, it’s amazing… but that’s still in a gym atmosphere so I don’t know if that counts.

I take my coffee with Coconut milk and 1 sugar.. I have only just started drinking coffee again so yes I could probably live without it.

Well, life without bacon is simple,  I’ve been Vegan now for 7 months and I can honestly say I don’t miss it, if I had to give up vegan burgers then there would be an issue…

The thing I enjoy most about Human Fitness is escaping my family….. No honestly the people, the members, the crew. Everyone is fantastic! It’s a great bunch of people to know and train with really starts my day off with a smile and energy boost.

Honestly, I don’t get out much, I’d have to say leaving the party early to get a good night sleep is my best party trick… Wow so boring….

There are still so many places I want to travel to, but so far Thailand, the people are lovely.

3 things I couldn’t live without are my Family, Friends, my Xfit and yoga.

Oh wow In 5 years I see myself about to turn the big 5.0. Still, CrossFitting, living comfortably with an abundance of toilet paper 🧻… 

Moving forward my goals are to respect the movements and things that my body can do at age 45, and appreciate the fact that I’m still recovering from a shit health issue that I went through last year. The human body is amazing and can go through so much stress, strain and turmoil, but you do have to let it recover in its own time even if your mentality is to just keep pushing hard…

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