August 2021 Favourite Human – Scotty Royal

The biggest change since starting CrossFit that I have noticed within myself is overall range of movement 

My favourite movement would have to be a back squat. Least favourite… Well there are lots of things haha

Out of burpees or Squats and Run, Row or bike? Would have to be burpees and the bike

One thing I can do now that I couldn’t before starting CrossFit is Toes to bar

My favourite cheat meal would have to be Pizza 

One thing I love to do outside of the gym is go to the movies 

Life without coffee would be easy.. I don’t drink it!

Life without bacon? I’d go for a Steak 

The thing I love most about Human Fitness is the comradery.  The people are so friendly 

My favourite place to travel to is Melbourne 

In 5 years I see myself getting really Buff!

Moving forward my goals are to get a back squat 200+ and do a [email protected]$king muscle up


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