August 22, 2019 – Gymnastics

Complete 2rounds of:
-Thoracic Sink off Barbell – 45seconds
-Banded Lat Distraction – 30seconds each way


Handstand Push-up Development
Accumulate a 2minute HOLD of:
-Nose/ Toes HS HOLD
Regression > Accumulate a 4minute FLR HOLD.
Scoring: Not Scored
Time Cap: 10 minutes
NFT, for Quality

B. For Time: Eccentric Handstand Push-Ups

For Time:
30 Eccentric Handstand Push-Ups
Time Cap: 10 minutes
2-3count down

C. 16 minute EMOM of Toes to Bars, V-Ups, Wall Ball Shots, and Hollow Body Wall Walks

Every 1 minute for 16 minutes (4 rounds):
Minute 1
7 Toes to Bars
Minute 2
9 V-Ups
Minute 3
13 Wall Ball Shots @ 9/6 kg
Minute 4
3 Hollow Body Wall Walks


Perform 2-3sets of:
-2-3 Skin the Cats
Scoring: Not Scored

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