August 29, 2019 – Strength and Conditioning

A. 20-60-100 Rowing, AbMat Sit-Ups, Double-Unders, and more

In teams of 2:

20-60-100 Reps for Time:
Calories of Rowing
AbMat Sit-Up
Plank Shoulder Tap
Russian Twist @ 15/10 kg

*Dubs > Double reps i.e. – 40-120-200
*Plank Shoulder Tap > Performance – HS Shoulder Taps

B. 4 Rounds For Time of Running, Push-Ups, and Dual Dumbbell Front Squats

4 Rounds for Time:
Run 200 meters
12 Push-Ups
8 Dual Dumbbell Front Squats @ 22.5/15 kg

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