Birthday Thanks!

Thank-you to all those CrossFit Plus Cross Fitters who made it down over the weekend for our Saturday summer outdoor session to celebrate our Big Boy 5th Birthday. Thank-you to our entire CrossFit Plus family: those that have been with us since day dot and the new faces around, I cannot thank you all enough. Each and every one of you has played a part of making our family what it is today, so thank-you. A special thanks to our Coaching team, including: Reace, Buffinator, Dan, Jodz and of course Marty, who has been by my side through most of this journey. Youre a great soul to have around. To Liz and Ginny, our 2 legendary Athletes (life members). Liz has been a part of Plus right from the very start, before we had a roof over our heads, just the dew on the grass down at Toowoon bay of a fresh winters morning. And Ginny, who has been a Plus ambassador all the way, coming on board right from when we first found our home. With a 100+ members now making up our family, I again cannot thank-you all enough. Lets hope we keep growing and adding to our already fabulous family. A Big Cheers, Pitts

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