Coffee Vs Tea

The truth about caffeine

Caffeine is now being documented as the most consumed drug in the world. It has a history rooted back in ancient times. There is evidence of coffee being created in various parts of the world

April 2022 Favourite Human – Emily Grellman

I have been CrossFitting now for around 1 year The biggest change within myself that I have noticed since starting CrossFit is I generally feel stronger and more confident knowing my physical limits are much

How Fast Can You Gain or Lose Fitness?

Many people who are thinking about exercising want to know how fast you can gain fitness. And current exercisers often want to know how fast you lose fitness if you stop training. Here are your

March 2022 Favourite Human – Clay Foley

I’ve been CrossFitting and coming to Human for 18months now. The biggest change within myself since starting CrossFit is My knees have given me grief whenever I’ve exercised in the past.  Since working with coaches

Should You Do the Same Exercises Every Day?

Being active is great—but what if you do the same exercises every single day? Will that help you stay fit? Here’s the answer: If you have a fitness regime in place but always do the same


Week #3 – Recovery Week 3 of our OPEN/ Event Prep Series means we’re just 10 days away from the release of the first OPEN workout for 2022. Even if you’re not planning to participate


Week #2 – EFFORT OVER EVERYTHING Focus on high-quality protein, and overall food quality. Week of 2 of our Open Prep Series means we’re officially one week closer to the release of the 2022 Open.

fitness Programming intensity

2022 Nobull CrossFit Open at Human

“Be stronger than your strongest excuse .” … with that, let us introduce The 2022 CrossFit Open, an in-house teams event at Human Fitness. What is The Open  Beginning Friday, Feb 25th, and continuing

Do You Need Machines to Get Fit?

Here’s a big question in the fitness world: Do you need machines to get fit? The short answer: No.  Here’s a very quick history lesson: Before the 1950s, gyms didn’t have machines, just barbells, dumbbells,


Week #1 – Focus on What You Can Control Whether you are preparing for the 2022 CF OPEN or you are not, please just take a moment to read… As everything we will be covering

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