BOX Etiquette  

  • Respect the box
  • Spray and wipe down any equipment used.
  • Clean any excessive sweat that is let on the ground from you. Only takes 30seconds with the mop that is kept in the cupboard under the stairs (1RM white board side).
  • Please show respect and courtesy to all members (and visitors).
  • Do not disrupt a class in progress; if you are late, you must first complete your Burpee penalty and then complete your own warm up out of the way before you take part in the class.
  • Please ensure you Check in each and every time you come into the box: this includes Open sessions.
  • Chalk ” keep it in the bucket or on your hands. It is not confetti and no one is getting married.
  • Put all equipment away, including stacking the boxes correctly.
  • Store your bags and other accessories in the pigeonholes not on the surrounding floor.
  • Please either park on the street or in the four spots immediately in front of our roller door, all other parks in the car park are owned and used by the other businesses.
  • Children may not play on or with any of the equipment before, after or during any class and please no running or ball games inside the gym. They must not be on the gym floor during any class, including our Parent “PLUS” Pram classes or move from outside to inside or vise versa.

 Respect your COMMUNITY, your home, our home – CrossFit Plus –


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