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The importance of movement and mobility

In a digital era, we sit for the majority of the day, only standing to use the washroom or walk to the cafe. Many people have made a progressive move to standing desks, or chairs that have stability balls. All of these have one simple mistake – they don’t promote movement. Movement, on a fundamental level, is the source of health and vitality. Our body is capable of virtually any complex movement we conceive. From gymnastics to CrossFit, physical and conscious movement produces strength, and strength creates vitality and health.

Today’s Problem

The problem then arises due to our sedentary lifestyle. Working out is great, but it is only 1-2 hours of your day. What are you doing the remaining 12 waking hours? If the answer is sitting at a desk at work then you know why your back is sore, or your feet hurt in the morning. Our body was built to move, flow and connect with the environment. Sitting or standing at your desk you are still sedentary for extended periods of time.

What’s the solution?

Movement. Moving throughout the day is the best thing you can do to promote strength and vitality. What type of movement is best?


The most primal movement we have as human beings. Walking is a fundamental skill that many of us lose and forget in daily life. We only use walking to get to and from work and lose the foresight to use walking as a source of vitality. A recent study showed that walking as much as 30m a day promotes weight loss and increased strength. This is as simple as going for three 10-15min walks throughout the day. Make your life simple, download an activity tracker and try to meet walking goals. We suggest a goal of 8000-10’000 steps a day, increasing volume on a bi-weekly basis. Two months down the road you could be walking 20’000 steps a day, promoting health, better movement, weight loss, and vitality.

Flow State

This could perhaps be the greatest change you can make in your life for the least amount of time commitment. Flow State is a type of movement that has no guidelines. On a fundamental level you want to be creative and complex, but flow state is all about moving with your body.

Popularized by Max Shank, flow state asks users to move for 5-minutes. You want to use movements that utilize a full range of motion, such as lunges, front folds, Cossacks etc. Your goal should be to find tight spots, using the flowing movement to work out the kinks and find a connection with your body. Try flowing every 1-2 hours. Combining this with walking throughout the day will help to reinforce good habits, promote recovery and improve overall body composition.

The importance of movement and mobility

We understand that much of our daily jobs require us to sit at a computer for extended periods of time. This forces our body into a position of weakness. The hips tighten, the low back stretches and weakens and we become immobile and sedentary for hours. Looking at this from an objective perspective you cannot conceive this as a good state to put your body in. If you’re serious about your health, strength, and performance try walking and flowing throughout the day – the results will speak for themselves.

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