Children at CrossFit Plus

This is just a general reminder as we move forwarded into 2016 Parents are to be responsible for their children whether they’re at Parents Plus Class, another Class or an Open Box session.

  • Parents Plus ” The children may not play on or with the equipment before, after or during the class and they must stay in ether of the two areas provided (mobility room or gray tarp). We ask that children do not eat in the gym and please no running or ball games.
  • General Class – This is not a Parents Plus class. If for whatever reason your children accompany you to the gym they must either sit quietly in the mobility room or play outside (please be mindful that it is a car park with moderate traffic). Children must stay of the gym floor and not cause any disruption to any classes or members. Outside of this being a potential safety concern for the children and for yourself, please be considerate of other members. Keep in mind a lot of our members do have children but do not want to be disrupted by other children during their time at the Box.
  • Open session ” The above applies.

*There is to be NO FOOD consumed in the box, period!!

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