Class Changes – Level 1 & 2


Level 1 and 2 Class structure and programming change.

As you maybe aware we have been tweaking and playing around with our programing to incorporating Level 2 in our base CrossFit programming. We are now going to trial it even further by combining all levels, bringing everyone back together again. There will still be requirements that need to be met if you are wishing to become a part of the Level 2s. As you may have noticed, on the white board and website over the past week, that there has been the base programming with the Level 2 variation at the bottom. The Level 2 also has additional weekly, or daily extra credited work from time to time that is made know to them which they are held accountable to complete. By no means is there to be anyone that has not qualified as Level 2 doing any of the Level 2 variation. *If you are wishing to become a part of the Level 2 programming you can view the requirements here:   AND when you feel you are ready, approach one of the Coaches to arrange a suitable time to get tested to see whether you meet the requirements.   In saying all that, from Tuesday 7th April, all Athletes are able to attend any of our scheduled classes and do their specific programming. Please keep in mind, this may or may not be possible during our Parents PLUS classes (Coaches discretion). So please have a chat with one of the coaches prior. The Friday 1530 along with the Saturday 0800open sessions are strictly via appointment and Level 2 ONLY

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