Crossfit Pacific Regionals – Wollongong May 2016

A Old Man’s Perspective from the Stands Crossfit Pacific Regionals – Wollongong May 2016 That makes my fourth trip to the Gong to watch the Regional qualifiers and I came home well impressed. On the up – the performances of the teams and individual athletes were inspiring throughout the weekend. The organisation behind the volunteers who took care of the marshaling of competitors and moving equipment in and out as required was first class. The retail opportunities within the venue should surely have been sufficient to satisfy anyone who came to see and spend some money along the way although ten minutes to wait for a coffee is a bit much. On a personal note, accommodation and the organising of the accommodation was brilliant although apparently some of my housemates kept themselves up later than usual trying to stop me from snoring. The late night swimming was good by all accounts. The WIN venue seemed to take better care of the toilet facilities this year; so good on them for that. On the down – Sports apparel is generally expensive. The queues for coffee were way too long or did I mention that? Parking as always was a premium. I didn’t get any chance to play any of my favourite tunes all weekend. The Jumbotron was only showing vision on two sides so that must have been a drag for someone; not us because we were on one of the working ends (go us). The associated sound was not very good on those two sides either (go us again). Personally the elapsing clocks could have been better positioned – you had to be right up the top/back of the stands to get an unobstructed view of them. There were some questions in relation to the standards of judging in some instances. Neither good nor bad but commented on was that the size of crowd seemed to be a bit down on last year. Someone thought it might have been because the streaming of live events this year was the best it has been and very easy to access from home. That seems a fair comment but I’d have to say because I probably won’t be going to Carson any time soon the Regional Event is a great way to see a large crossfit event with our best athletes and have a cracking fun time with the CrossFit and my CrossFit Plus community. “No Rep” Two words no athlete ever wants to hear. Let alone hear them mid Regional wod when their place on the leaderboard is hovering within the ten or even tantalisingly close to top five. The conversation around this is usually pretty mellow with the ultimate reality being we are only human, some of us just try harder to see how close they can get to some sort of a short cut to the finish and, to my knowledge, all our judges are volunteers. It is still unsettling and dissatisfying to see athletes lined up competing against each other in the same heat and the judging is noticeably different. Standards of Movement On the other hand CFHQ or Dave Castro shouldn’t put standards in place that can’t be applied. All though I didn’t  agree with the GHD work out involving a back ranching 40 reps followed immediately by heavy dead’s to say the least. I noted the standards that applied to the GHD were spelled out reasonably specifically. I thought it was reasonable; they wanted to fatigue or at least require each athlete to use their core/abs rather than quads/hip flexors. To achieve that goal they specifically described how each athlete should be positioned once they have mounted the GHD. Too hard. How do the judges manage that – how do the athletes manage that when the difference in height might be as much as 30cm on occasion?? Bottom line, for mine, if it’s not plainly understood – if you can’t enforce it – don’t put it in. Athlete Safety One comment passed in relation to the partner deadlift WOD Event 6 on Saturday. It’s not the first time this movement has been in a Regional/Games and I certainly get that DC is trying to press for the coordinated effort of partners. I got concerned first when I noticed one pairing in particular where the male was much taller than his female partner so her inside shoulder was raised significantly above her outside one because of the slope on the bar created by the pairs height difference. 420lb/190kg is on the surface of it, at Regional level, shared between two athletes not a huge amount. The position the athlete needs to adopt to execute the move would be questioned in the gym at any other time – why should it be accepted at the higher levels? Size and specialty of each athlete Judging/Movement Standards/GHD/(Apparently) Random No Reps Case in point there were specific standards published on and during the WODs there was little to no apparent attention paid to those standards. Specifically “insert the wording about not using the legs – putting the onus on abs..” Minimum Work Requirements There was some news, that I did not catch up with, just prior to the Regionals about some minimum requirements being removed from some events. There were minimum work requirements on all individual events; depending on the WOD either one rep or one round. An athlete who was unable to complete the Rep/Round was then required to withdraw from further competition. Most people I spoke to thought that was a good thing as disappointing as it might be for the athlete who is required to withdraw By the end of the weekend the tally of withdrawals was: Women           12 Men                2 Teams             2 Aside from one very visible, and painful looking, shoulder dislocation I think the remainder can be presumed to be a mixture of injury or insufficient reps/rounds Statistics Some love them some couldn’t give a flying rats ass. Here is a random collation of the results from Event 1 because it’s something I like to do and I know someone out there will like the information also. Comparisons (with apologies if any consider them onerous) based on the first round of Regional competitions based on Event 1 only. First Place Times Women                                   Men                                        Team Pacific             5:29                Pacific             7:36                Pacific             16:47 California       6 :40               California       6:40                California       14:47 South              6:51                South              6:53                South              17:06 Number of Athletes and Teams who completed WOD1 within the Time Cap Women           Men                Team                          Totals Pacific             up to 5th        up to 11th      up to 4th                    (20) California       up to 10th      up to 13th      up to 10th                  (33) South              up to 6th         up to 14th       up to 10th                   (34) Some exceptions Team Time First place team in event 9 was the only team to finish within time cap No team was completed event 5 within the time cap. Uncle Pete.

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