CrossFit Plus Burpee Penalty Policy

We are a COMMUNITY and we want to make sure everyone respects one another, the equipment and our facility. It’s for your own safety!

– Late arrival penalty: = 5 burpees (NB. It is courteous to your fellow athletes to be on time. If you have a reason and know you will be late, please notify your COACH but you will still be required to warm up before taking part in the class and complete your burpees). – Not being ready on time penalty: = 15 burpees (NB. Aim to arrive at least 5 ” 10 minutes early giving you time to sign in, go to the bathroom and change clothes). – Make a mess with chalk penalty: = 15 burpees – Spill bucket of chalk penalty: = 50 burpees – No collars on bar penalty = 25 burpees  – Dumping weights, uncontrollably from above the hips penalty: = 75 burpees – If you do not introduce yourself to a new athlete penalty: = 10 burpees – Not cleaning up after yourself penalty: = 15 burpees – Dropping a bar with 10kg or less on penalty: = 75 burpees – Taping the pull up bar/rings penalty: = 150 burpees – Not listening to the COACH penalty: = 15 burpees – Not informing your COACH of any injuries penalty: = Further injury to yourself.

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