CrossFit Plus Edicate – Code of conduct.

CrossFit Plus ” Housekeeping. Code of conduct.

Ok TEAM, I will start by saying that the following points are not directed to any one person, class or level, rather just a broad post and general reminder to all CrossFit Plus members. Respect the box. Let’s not leave things lying around, equipment, used strapping tape, rubbish, band-aids or clothing, if it is yours, please pick it up.  Spray and wipe down any equipment used, from the BB, KB, to the blue mats. We are a community; we work together and respect one another, so let’s respect our ˜home’ away from home (CF+ BOX) as you would your home. Help out where help is needed, from your fellow CrossFitter, (Base/L2) to your coaches, this will ensure all the classes run smoothly. We are all CrossFitter’s; no matter what skill level or how long you’ve been doing Crossfit. Please show respect and courtesy to all members (and visitors) and do not disrupt a class in progress. If your session time has finished but you haven’t completed your program or stretching/mobility, please move out of the main training ground to the small area in front of the office. This space has been allocated to allow for this and also to make it easier to do your own thing while a class is in progress.

  • Please ensure you Check in each and every time you come into the box, this includes Open BOX sessions.
  • CHALK. Yes I said it! I know you all mock me with regards to chalk. I do not have a problem with anyone using chalk. I even understand that it will end up on the floor, this is not a problem. The issue is when more chalk ends up on the floor then the hail on the ground during the storm in 2015 and not on your hands, and when blocks of chalk are found around the box. Please remember, to leave the chalk in the bucket and do not crush it up and if you spill an excessive amount, clean it up.
  • Please take the little extra time to stack the boxes properly; it can cause a safety hazard if they are unbalanced.
  • We have a wall of pigeonholes; please use them to store your bags and other accessories. This will assist in keeping the floor clear and leaving plenty of room to train.
  • If you spill something in the kitchen or any where, please clean it up.
  • NO one is to tape our pull up bars or rings for any reason what so ever! It is unhygienic and hard to remove the tape from the bars/rings.
  • For members that come to the box during standard business hours, please only park in the four spots immediately in front of our roller door, all other parks in the car park are owned and used by the other businesses.
  • Children at CrossFit Plus: Parents are to be responsible for their children whether they’re at Parents Plus, another class or an Open Box session. Please keep this in mind and help to keep Crossfit Plus safe for all. Due to safety reasons, the children may not play on or with the equipment before, after or during the class, and please no running or ball games. Please ensure your children stay out of the way, not running back and forth from outside to in and do not disrupt the class or any one’s individual training. The children can play outside, but please be mindful that it is a car park. Lastly, there is to be NO FOOD eaten in the box!!
  • Burpee penalty: Our burpee penalty system is back in place. All the coaches are aware. There will be NO leniency what so ever. So no matter whom you are, whether you’re late or you dump a bar out of control, 5kg plates are NOT bumpers! ” burpee penalty! If you get 50, 100 or only 25 you do your burpees then and there. You don’t like it?  Just ask around and find out how extreme all the other CF BOXES are!
  • Late: If you are late to any scheduled class, you must not cause any disruption to the class in progress. You must first complete your burpees and warm up. Then and only then you will be allowed to jump into the class.
  • OPEN BOX: Weather or not it is a scheduled open session or not you must first contact one of the Coaches to confirm. You must always check in!

 – Respect your COMMUNITY your home our home, CrossFit Plus. –

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