Daylight Savings

I can’t believe it is already here but this Sunday morning at 2:00 am, Daylight Savings Time starts in Australia, bewdy!!!
Getting your sleep ready for Daylight Savings is very important so you don’t feel exhausted after the change.

The time change in the summer is always more difficult than in the Autumn since we spring forward and end up losing an hour of our day—and since that time change officially happens at 2 AM on Sunday morning, the hour we lose is an hour of sleep 

As we try and promote good sleep awareness, with reference to the Online Team at the ‘Sleep Doctor’ we have put together some tips to help you be more aware of the loss of that valuable hour of sleep and how better to adjust to it:

• Starting about 4-5 days before the change, stick to this schedule: On Tuesday and Wednesday, get in bed 15 minutes earlier than your normal bedtime.  On Thursday and Friday, 30 minutes earlier than normal, and on Saturday night, try to get into bed 45 minutes earlier than your normal bedtime.
• Beginning on the Tuesday or Wednesday before the time change, stop drinking caffeine at 1:30 in the afternoon to help with the earlier bedtime.
• Avoid alcohol during the weekend of the time change.
• It is import to keep up with your exercise regime. Staying active during the day will help you get to bed earlier and enjoy more quality sleep. Just remember not to exercise late in the evening for before it’s time to wind down for bed – as exercise can give you a jolt of energy. Engage in some psychical activity on Saturday morning or afternoon to help set you up for a night of great sleep.
• Make sure you get sunlight in the morning the day of the time change to help reset your body clock.  The bright light exposure will help get your circadian rhythm back on track – helping you wake up feeling energised instantly.
• Try eating breakfast in a bright area of your house or taking your dog for a quick walk around the block.

Be aware of your bedtime routine as the clock springs forward—otherwise, you might fall back asleep at the wrong time.

One thing we like to encourage people to do each year when the time changes in the summer is to begin thinking about their bedding. Have you replaced your sheets lately and are you washing them with enough frequency? Our recommendation is to do your washing weekly and we suggest that you have at least two sets of sheets so that being consistent is easier. When you only have one, you have to strip your bed, wash and dry the sheets and then remake the bed versus just being able to quickly change the sheets and wash when it is more convenient.

Create a good sleeping environment. Sleep isn’t just about quantity; it’s about quality, too. To ensure that you get quality sleep this weekend, you might need to adjust your bedroom to promote a good night’s sleep. Optimal room temperature is 15-20 degrees. It is also ideal to block out any disruptive noise or lights.


ReferenceThe Sleep Doctor

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