December 2016 ATHLETE OF THE MONTH – Maali

  • I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 3yrs
  • Since I started the biggest changes I’ve noticed are to my strength and body shape
  • My CrossFit movement of choice? Snatch all day!
  • My least favourite CrossFit movement? I hate Thrusters!
  • I don’t really like either Burpees or Squats, it’s a long way down to squat
  • Is this a Trick question?? Who doesn’t love rowing!
  • One thing that I can do now that I couldn’t do before I started CrossFit would one of two things. A pull up or a handstand push up
  • My chosen post workout protein shake is Progenex Belgian Choc extra cold with ice, shaken not stirred.
  • Some more bread please. My favourite cheat meal by far; I can’t live without BREAD
  • Outside of the gym my first love was netball but they are pretty neck and neck now with CrossFit a very slight lead
  • Large Cappuccino with Almond milk, thanks.
  • Everything tastes better with Bacon
  • One thing I enjoy most about CrossFit Plus is coming into the box and having a laugh with our peeps and throwing down with everyone!
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