December 2017 Athlete of the Month – Brittany Dean

Our Athletes say it best… I started Crossfit @ Plus Health Fitness Performance in February this year so just under a year! I have noticed a huge physical change but also mental, I can really push past barriers whether it be in a workout or other aspects of life. I am a lot stronger than I’ve ever been before and the people around me can tell as well. The most noticeable change is my arm strength! My movement of choice would have to be the Back Squats! My least favourite CrossFit movement is either TTB and Over-Head squats, I can’t decide which is worse, but I know they both suck,  haha! Burpees or Squats? Funny that my movement of chose is the Back Squat but I would still have to say Burpees again and again. Run!! over row and day for sure. Before I started CrossFit I would never have been able to squat 60kg or deadlift 70kg or do more than 1 ‘proper’ push-up. Even my running has improved so much. Plus HFP I’ve never done a protein shake, but I make sure to have milk post-workout as it’s got all the Amino Acids you need! 😉 Pizza and Ice-cream, favourite cheat meal. Num num num. I love being active throughout my whole day and going on new adventures, I walk my dogs every day, love spending time with my family and love studying my degree (Nutrition and Dietetics). Oh and I should mention I love hanging out with Ben Eldridge I get a natural high starting my morning stretching or eating a good breakfast, Coffee makes me go crazy. Not a bacon fan at all, actually haven’t eaten it in 5 years Before Plus Health Fitness performance I went to a standard gym and did classes and the cardio machines 6 times a week. I always thought CrossFit was just heavyweights and big guys but my friend introduced me to Plus Health Fitness performance and from the first class I did there I LOVED it. Every day it’s a different workout and my body is constantly being pushed to the limit and getting stronger. I also love the community, you get to know everyone there and it’s such a fun, uplifting, supportive environment. I always turn up to Plus Health Fitness performance excited and leave feeling sweaty and alive! Goals are one of the things I love about CrossFit because there are so many movements, it’s fun and challenging to work yourself up to them. My goals when I started at the start of the year were to do a strict pull up with no band and a walking handstand. Brittany Dean

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