Drink Fridge – Just a general reminder.

Our drink fridge works on an honesty system as such. The past month and the 3 months leading up to Christmas, there seemed to be a significant amount of stock that when unaccounted for. If this continues we will have to change the way items are purchased from the fridge, as we do not put a mark up on any thing. We just sell them at what we are advised, therefore keeping to cost down for you. Procedure.

  • Unlock the fridge*
  • Get out what you are purchasing
  • Shut and lock fridge.
  • Write down the required on the log sheet next to the fridge, left hand side. Date, Name, Product, either** Cash, Online or IOU. If you are paying for the item, you must put the money in the green cash box by the fridge (left hand side). See staff if need change before putting money in box.
  • Return the key to where it belongs.


  • Key is located on backside of the right hand wall as you walk into the kitchen
  • If it is a paleo bar, you are required to put down the flavour not just paleo bar.
  • Fridge remains locked at all times
  • If you are fixing up and IOU, the money is to go in the green cash box not to staff. Mark down on the log sheet that you have payed the balance owing with the amount. Do not try to go back through the log sheet to find the IOU.

**Log sheet

  • Date = Days date.
  • Name = Your name.
  • Product = Product/products purchased.
  • Cash = Product amount if you are putting the money in the cash box.
  • Online = Product amount, if you would like it debited from you account with your next payment.
  • IOU = Amount if you are going to pay later (within the same monthly period item was purchased, other wise it will be automatically debited with your next payment, unless advised other wise).

Product prices -330ml (all varieties) $3.50 -500ml (all varieties) $5.00 -Coco caff (all varieties) $5.00 -1Litter $9.00 -H20 $1.00 -BD Paleo bar’s $4.00  

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