Falling asleep is a challenge we face every night.

While some of us may lie down and get to sleep immediately… The reality is, Most struggle and stay awake for hours before finally getting some shut-eye. Especially in the realm of strength, quality sleep promotes advancements in muscle, weight loss and even quality of life. Falling asleep quickly becomes one of the best ways to ensure you get your 8 hours each night. Here are three ways to fall asleep faster:

  1. No Movies Prior to Sleep Far too many people spend hours before they go to sleep staring at a bright screen watching movies.  Not only can this be taxing on your eyes and promote poor posture, but the exposure to blue light teaches your body that it isn’t nighttime yet.
  2. Cool, Your Bedroom Research shows that your body is more likely to relax and fall asleep in cooler temperatures.
    The best temperature for getting a good night’s sleep.
  3. Supplement L-Theanine Highly underrated, this amino acid can be used as a very effective tool to promote sleep and relaxation.

For best results – We recommend supplementing approximately 200-300 mg, 30 min prior to sleep. When it comes to building muscle and achieving the dream physique, far too many people spend their time in the gym and not resting. Sleep and overall rest quality is completely essential to your success as a strength athlete, CrossFitter, Runner or any physical discipline. Question is… How do you rate your quality of sleep?   Corey Pitts Plus Health Fitness

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