February 2017 ATHLETE OF THE MONTH ” Melissa Brookfield.

Our Athletes say it best

  • I have been CrossFiting for 2 years in March
  • I feel I have had lots of changes but if I had to pick my biggest it would have to be my motivation. CrossFit has had a huge impact on this and it gives me the motivation to tackle my day and achieve the things I need to do.
  • At the moment I would have to say Hand Stand Push Ups, I am really liking them at present.
  • WALL BALLS (they freaking suck)
  • Burpees, eeek..Squats by far, (only cause I don’t have to lay in the puddle of my own sweat when I squats)
  • Run, those calories never go up as fast as I feel they should be.
  • I couldn’t OHS when I first started. Found it impossible to perform that movement without wanting to fall over let alone add weight and now I can.
  • Coffee flavoured prowie, any brand, as log as it is good..
  • Love A good platter of Cheese (the whole plater) and wine.
  • I’m a busy mum so there isn’t much time for other things I love but when we can I love to go camping, especially in summer (out of school holidays).
  • Post workouts haha! (Small double shot flat white 😉 ).
  • Bacon Makes any meal a great one :).
  • I honestly started CrossFit with the intention to purely get a good workout in a short period of time and feel better about myself after having my 3rd bub. What I got far exceeded my expectations, not only where the workouts and coaches great but I have made some awesome friends there; the team there is what I enjoy most.
  • I would love to nail my double unders (continuously), and continue to get stronger and stay healthy.
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