February 2018 Athlete of the Month – Maja Novakovic

Our Athletes say it best… I’ve been CrossFitting since 2013 in the Inner West of Sydney when it became the “trend”. In 2015 I had to give it up due to a hip injury which occurred during the early days of pregnancy. I returned to Crossfit in mid-2017 at Crossfit Plus. Since starting CrossFit the biggest changes I have noticed within myself is I’m not beating myself up about weaknesses anymore (much). CrossFit first time around was very different. In the beginning, it was about losing weight. It was about how many vodka’s I could have over the weekend. Whether I could eat that Nutella doughnut staring at me in the coffee shop. If I’d lost a kg that week after doing double sessions for 5 days straight. Now, Crossfit is finding out what I can and can’t do and having the drive to improve my skill and ability. Crossfit Plus has really helped me to realise that strengths are way more awesome than weaknesses. My movement of choice is absolutely anything with kettlebells. Yup. I love balls. I mean bells. BELLS. My least favourite CrossFit movement is The snatch – no surprise there! I love burpees and squats both equally. How could I ever choose? It would be like choosing between baby Aleksander and Adrian. Out of run or row, I’d have to say I’ve always enjoyed the rower but Uncle Pete’s enthusiasm has made me enjoy it even more in the last few months. Before I started Crossfit Plus I could not climb that long ass rope. No sir. Nope. Then the other day I got to the top and I was like “F%#@ HOW DO I EVEN GET DOWN?!..HELLO…?” Post workout protein shake of choice would be some chocolate whey… with water. Then a spoonful of peanut butter. My favourite cheat meal is Nutella with the whitest Tip Top bread money can buy. No crusts. One thing I love to do outside of the gym is watching The A-League – Sydney FC.  Ole Ole Ole… I take my coffee… Soy Cappuccino, thank you. We bake about 1kg of bacon a week and use it as snacks…BYO eggs The thing I enjoy most about Plus is the 5:30 am crew who allow me to burp without judgement. Moving forward my goals are to eat healthy food for improved performance. Squatting and deadlifting shitloads of weight.  

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